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We recently went through an activity check, and as a result many canons have opened!  All good witches are open for the taking, as are the wicked witches - excluding Wicked Witch of the South because she has been reserved! Finley has been reserved as well, and hopefully we’ll see two new additions shortly!  We’ve slowed down a bit, but we’re not out for the count.  <3

There also seems to be many people asking about our site and whether or not we accept Wicked characters.  Just for clarification: We do not accept Wicked canons, nor do we accept canon characters from the 1939 film.  It is our firm belief that Oz: The Great and Powerful is set in a separate universe, and we’re treating it as such.  That being said, we will not accept modifications of Wicked/The Wonderful Wizard of Oz canons.  We DO, however, accept ORIGINAL witches and wizards!  We are also open to more people traveling to Oz, much like Oscar did!

- Alyssa

It’s doubtful that Sam Raimi will return to direct the sequel. He doesn’t seem interested in the project — at least for now. Casting-wise, Michelle Williams has supposedly signed on for the sequel. I don’t have news on James, Mila, Rachel, or anyone else, and I can’t guarantee the reports on Michelle are one hundred percent valid. 

That said, initial reports tell us that Dorothy will not be involved. I consider this good news because Oz: TGAP already had to deal with everyone comparing it to the 1939 movie (which was unfair, by the way, but that’s another rant for another time). You can’t successfully cast a live action Dorothy when people associate her with Judy Garland. I just don’t see it happening. So, yes, excluding Dorothy is the best option. I’m more interested in Oscar and Glinda, anyway. 

Not that it matters much. I’m still hoping that Oz: TGAP has created its own universe rather than relying on the 1939 movie. Everyone who calls it a “prequel” are… wrong? I guess? There are plenty of differences between the 1939 movie and Oz: TGAP. Character relationships are different, characters act and look different, the universe are different.

I’m sorry, but no one can tell me the characters of Oz: TGAP become the characters of The Wizard of Oz. I understand that many years pass between Oscar going to Oz and then Dorothy’s arrival. I understand that people change. But… come on. Fearless and badass Michelle Williams turns into redheaded, goofy Billy Burke? I don’t buy it. 

Let’s not forget that MGM (I guess it’s Warner Bros. now) owns the rights to the 1939 movie. They refused to let Disney use anything from it, including the Wicked Witch of the West’s skin color. 

Her skin color.

Chyeahhhh. Different universes. Different canons/mythologies. I’m sticking to that until I’m proved wrong, and if I’m proved wrong I’ll probably… curl up in a corner and cry. Or something. 

This got long. Oops. Didn’t mean for it to turn into a rant! Sorry, everyone! 

tl; dr: Sam Raimi probably won’t direct the sequel. Michelle Williams has supposedly signed on to reprise her role as Glinda, but I don’t have official-official confirmation. 

- Kelsey

A special graphic for our hundredth post! <3

Finley Appreciation (part 1)

A Reason to Believe - site announcement

We have two Theodora’s applying, and will have a decision soon!  We’re still looking for an Evanora, and will shortly have a Finley!  Yay!  There are still plenty of canons open, so come and take a look - hit us up in our cbox!

Links to our site, and information, are provided on our Tumblr.

 - Alyssa

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Alyssa, I hope you enjoyed my gif spam <33


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Really I do.

;________; <3

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I <3 your graphics.

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i hope that i didn't come off as rude! i honestly wasn't trying to suggest you shouldn't gif it yourself, i just saw it and immediately thought of the anon and wanted to help. sorry! :(

No, no. You weren’t rude! We understand that you only wanted to help someone. Don’t worry about it! I’m sure the anon who wanted the forehead kiss scene found it on that other tumblr. Thanks for pointing it out, though! c: 

- Kelsey 

Try to torrent Oz: TGAP to make clearer gifs since someone said the quality of mine sucked. Anti-virus immediately catches three viruses. See? This is why I don’t torrent. I apologize to anyone who dislikes my gifs/graphics because the quality is sub-par. :/ I’ll make new ones as soon as Oz: TGAP is released on DVD. Until then, or until someone provides me with a safe torrent, everyone is stuck with the current quality of my material.

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